BioKube Water treatment Solutions in Bonaire

Rotech is proud to represent the BioKube brand of patented Danish technology for innovative wastewater treatment systems that allow wastewater to be treated and re-used for various purposes such as irrigation, maintenance, dust prevention, cooling towers, toilet flushing, fountains and ponds, and more. These systems are available in a range of sizes and configurations to serve individual residential homes, commercial buildings of all sizes, and even entire communities. Water is one of our most precious resources, and BioKube technology lets users make the most of it with systems that require very little maintenance or service over time.

Standard, pre-fabricated wastewater treatment systems can be delivered and installed by Rotech to the end-user. These systems are internationally certified to treat wastewater adhering to the highest standards and can easily be adapted to fulfill any local water treatment requirements and standards. Preserving local water resources is everyone’s responsibility, and Rotech is pleased to offer solutions that represent a win-win for the local economy and environment.

Water Usage: Think Globally, Act Locally

When it comes to sustaining human life, commercial operations and the environment, water is an indispensable resource we must all use as wisely as possible. One way to do that is to make sure that wastewater is treated on-site so it can be re-used for a range of purposes. Rotech proudly represents the BioKube brand of patented Danish technology for decentralized treatment of wastewater that can then be used for all manner of non-potable uses from irrigation to washing cars to fighting fires and flushing toilets. And it does all this with underground systems that produce no odors or noise.