Additional Services

LED Lighting is the wave of the future, and for good reason. Although they come with a higher up-front cost, LED lights last so much longer and use so much less electricity than either traditional incandescent lights or compact fluorescent lights that they more than pay themselves off over time and ultimately save significant amounts of money in electricity costs in both residential and commercial applications. LED lights come in every conceivable shape, size and color, allowing for extremely creative lighting designs to achieve stunning effects when desired. Rotech collaborates with each client to develop an LED lighting design and installation that will meet any lighting needs and requirements for many years to come.

BioKube Wastewater Treatment Systems are an important way to conserve one of the most precious resources that sustains all life – water. This is an especially important consideration in the semi-arid island environment of Bonaire and other Caribbean islands. Rotech is proud to represent the BioKube brand of self-contained wastewater treatment systems for individual homes, commercial buildings and even entire neighborhoods and residential developments. After wastewater is treated by the patented Danish technology of a BioKube system, the water can be re-used for a variety of purposes, including irrigation, maintenance, dust prevention, cooling towers, toilet flushing, fountains and ponds, and more.

Services that get results!

Whether it’s a brand-new electrical wiring project, backup power systems, electrical system inspections and reporting, solar panel installations, contracted electrical personnel, LED lighting design and installation or innovative wastewater treatment options, Rotech offers a wide range of services to meet client needs in Bonaire and throughout the Caribbean and South America.