Building Automation Solutions in Bonaire

Whether it’s in a residential home or a major commercial location, building automation makes life much easier by offering centralized control of multiple systems such as lighting, HVAC systems (heat, a/c, ventilation), appliances, locking gates and doors, other security systems (alarms, CCTV, etc.) and more. In the home environment and smaller commercial applications, Rotech is the official dealer for Control 4 products in Bonaire.

In larger commercial buildings such as hotels, resorts, hospitals, large office buildings or industrial facilities, there are many more systems at play and the complexity of centralized control increases greatly. In these cases, a more robust building automation system (BAS) is required. The BAS is a computerized, intelligent network of electronic devices designed to monitor and control the mechanical, electronics, and lighting systems in a building. The core functionality of any BAS is to maintain the indoor environment throughout a building or facility within a specified range, control lighting according to a specified occupancy schedule, and monitor the various systems and devices in order to provide alerts or alarms in the case of failures to maintenance staff. A BAS can greatly increase the energy efficiency of a building, which in turn can result in significant reductions in utility costs over time. In other words, the right BAS pays for itself! Rotech works with a variety of leading BAS brands in order to access the solutions that will best fit the client’s unique needs and specifications. And our installation experts are fully trained on each system and undergo regular training updates to stay current with each system’s features and requirements.

Enjoy the Convenience of Home or Commercial Building Automation

If you’re familiar with the convenience of a smart or programmable thermostat that lets you schedule your cooling or heating system based on when you’re in or out on a regular schedule, building automation takes that same concept but applies it to multiple systems in a building for centralized control of multiple systems. Not only does this make life much more convenient, building automation also lets you conserve energy and save money in utility costs over time!