Led Lighting Solution in Bonaire

Residential homes and commercial buildings have an unprecedented opportunity to save money on their electric bills over time and reduce the amount of electricity used for lighting, which has the added benefit of reducing power-related carbon emissions in the fight against global warming and climate change. LED lights are incredibly efficient and versatile compared to either traditional incandescent lights or even compact fluorescent lights. This is one opportunity no one should miss and is especially well-suited to those who understand the need to take a longer-term approach to meeting their lighting needs in ways that minimize both the financial and environmental impacts over time.

Individual LED light bulbs come in all shapes, sizes and colors. Whatever conventional bulbs you have in place, there is an LED bulb option to replace it. LED lighting is also available in strips that can be used to great effect in a wide variety of settings. Rotech also carries other innovative LED lighting products, including LED panel lights, LED floodlights, LED in-ground lights, LED wall washers and LED track lighting systems. And the performance comparison to other types of lighting, especially incandescent lighting, is profound. LED lights use 75-80% less energy, last 25 times longer, and produce much less heat – an important consideration in tropical environments with warm temperatures that rely on air-conditioning.

Save Money and the Planet with LED Lighting

The smartest people are the ones who take the long-term view that considers the future impacts of decisions in the present. Nowhere does this have greater important than something many people rarely even think about – the lights used to illuminate residential homes and commercial buildings. While LED lighting costs more up-front, in the long they more than pay for themselves in terms of reduced electricity costs, and keep doing so for many years to come, not to mention reducing power-related carbon emissions that contribute to global warming and climate change.