Infrared Electrical Inspections & Reporting

The demand for regular electrical system inspections and reporting has grown significantly in recent as more and more companies realize the benefits to be gained, and especially with infrared inspections. We utilize an infrared thermal camera to perform electrical system inspections that quickly and easily identify “hot spots” – specific points in the system where a wiring connection or circuit is overheating. When these problem areas are not addressed in a timely fashion, they can quickly escalate into major crises such as electrical outages or even electrical fires.

While our infrared inspection and reporting services are typically requested by larger commercial buildings and industrial operations, the potential problems that can be avoided also occur in residential homes. For this reason, we offer our electrical inspection and reporting services to both commercial and residential clients. There is no substitute for the peace of mind knowing that your electrical wiring system has been fully inspected and any issues promptly addressed to keep your home or building safe.

Your Safety is Our Priority

Poor-quality wiring or aging electrical wiring puts your family or your business at risk. The problem here is “out of sight, out of mind”, which is totally understandable. No one sits around wondering if their electrical system is in good working order. You flip a switch and the lights come on, end of story, right? But what is happening behind the scenes? It’s what you don’t see and don’t know that might become a critical problem. Our infrared inspection and reporting services quickly identify potential issues so they can be resolved before they become a life-threatening crisis.