Project Leader Manager vacancy at Rotech Bonaire

Job Duties, responsibilities, and authorities under the title of Manager Project Leader

1.1 General
• In the general and broadest sense of the word, encompassing all tasks and related to project management, managing and organizing, preparing, calculating projects.

1.2 The work
• Visiting projects for recording for work preparation and calculations.
• Creates or delegates (sub)tasks with regard to work preparation, calculations, (progress) reports and planning.
• The employee has a solution-oriented, creative and flexible attitude, is motivated, has high technical insight, works independently and devises, designs, provides leadership, advice and/or support to colleagues and/or other departments.
• The project leader monitors, performs project and quality control and reports to management.
• The project leader, in consultation with the implementation, makes agreements about the results to be achieved in the specified result areas, evaluates and assesses these results.
• Supervising and designing electrical design drawings.
• The project leader spends every minute working to make it run as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Thinks along in the business process and considers possible other options, quality improvements and/or solutions that make work faster and/or save time and money.
• The employee is expected to be at work on time and to be continuously busy for Rotech during the entire 8-hour working day, from 07:00 to 16:00, in accordance with the signed contract.
• The employee must make extra efforts per part of the day to prevent deadlines from being jeopardized and whether the work or execution stagnates. Provides the work with information, drawings, technical details in a timely manner.
• In the absence of sufficient work, the employee can be deployed for other purposes for Rotech.
• Organize project meetings with all responsible parties and third parties to prevent or resolve progress, planning, details, escalations.

1.3 Tasks
• Plan the work with foresight and execute it on time and with the highest possible quality and efficiency.
• Efficiently divide the work to be performed between colleagues and/or colleague subcontractors.
• Help with the project leader to prepare the (small) materials to be processed or purchased so that the work does not slow down. If materials are not in stock on the island or if they are a “long lead item”, they can be organized or ordered in time.
• Cost control over the work to be performed, materials and hours to be worked
• Final check / subsequent calculation of project(s) with regard to hours worked and materials processed.
• Proactively and timely monitor, safeguard, identify, consult and/or prevent problems and/or risks.
• Carefully monitor the relationship between customer and rotech and take responsibility for this.
• Ensure and supervise that the work orders are duly completed and signed by the customer and inform the customer about outstanding debtors.
• Collecting and processing work documents

4 Responsibilities
• Ensures that safety equipment and clothing and company property are kept in good condition.
• Manages the company means of transport made available by Rotech and the stock included therein. Ensures that his company means of transport is clean and tidy at all times.
• Must work safely at all times, without voltage, safety shoes, and where required wear a helmet and/or fall harness and also pass this on to his subordinates.
• Ensures that each employee working under him is on time and performs the work in accordance with the law.

1.5 Communication
• Maintain regular contact with client / customer.
• The project leader proactively discusses the situation and progress with regard to all work in progress on a regular basis per week and discusses it with his or her client and/or manager.
• Must be available at all times throughout the working day and call back immediately if a missed call has taken place.
• Holidays and/or days off must be requested at least 1 week in advance from his or her direct supervisor.

2. Education level

2.1 Training
• MBO / HBO Electrical Engineering or equivalent.
• VCA safety course, if applicable Valero safety course.
• NEN 1010.

2.2 Job requirements

• Is in possession of transport and or ensures that he or she gets to work independently and on time.
• In possession of driving license B, driving license BE is an advantage.
• It is reasonably expected of the Project Leader that if some overtime has to be worked in the interest of the project, these will fall within the 40 hour contract. This is on average and reasonably wise about 2 to 3 hours per week.